How to wash Canada Goose down jacket

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Canada Goose Outlet jacket how to wash the best, low winter temperatures, especially in the north, Canada Goose down jacket is essential.The Cheap Canada Goose down jacket is warm to wear,but the cleaning is more troublesome.If you do not wash as required, it will lead to Canada Goose jacket inside the filler is damaged, no longer warm.So how to wash the best Canada Goose down jacket.The following Xiaobian to introduce in detail.

1: Canada Goose down jacket cleaning and other clothing is not the same, do not easily clean, wash more times, it will lead to Canada Goose down jacket inside the filler stick together, is damaged, slowly warm will be worse.Only the clothes are really dirty,or save for the season, it is necessary to fully clean.

2: If the Canada Goose down jacket is not particularly dirty, but there is local pollution, you can clean the local.With a soft brush or towel, wet the contaminated place with warm water, and then spray a little detergent, with a soft brush or towel brush can be.Then dry.

3:If the Canada Goose down jacket is really dirty,or need to change the season.Then comprehensive cleaning, Canada Goose down jacket generally only hand wash, avoid dry cleaning.Washing should also pay attention to the way and detergent.Canada Goose down jacket washing, you can first use the detergent into the warm water soak,and then can not rub, to prevent the filler is rub bad, you can use a brush, and then detergent pay attention to use neutral.After the Canada Goose down jacket is washed, it can not be wrung or dried with a washing machine, which will make the filler stick together.You can squeeze it slowly by hand, or pick it up, and then drip dry automatically.

4: After washing, it is necessary to dry, should be hung in a ventilated place, Canada Goose down jacket can not be exposed to the sun, after drying, you can gently beat around the Canada Goose down jacket, Canada Goose down jacket is conducive to the filler pat loose, warm favorable.After cleaning, you can save it.OK!Canada Goose down jacket how to wash the best is that.

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What should I do if my Canada Goose down jacket is stained with oil?

Winter is coming, Canada Goose down jacket began to debut, Canada Goose down jacket although warm,but cleaning up very troublesome, especially after stained with oil, it is not easy to clean.How do you clean it?Xiaobian for everyone to summarize a few good results of the method, you can give it a try.Grease is difficult to clean, because the oil is a polymer material, is not easy to be decomposed, and the oil is not easy to be dissolved in water, so grease is difficult to clean.

Cleaning method:

  1. Toothpaste and detergent.Toothpaste and detergent are common things at home and have the effect of cleaning grease.The specific method is as follows, first of all, the Canada Goose down jacket stained with grease soaked in warm water (warm water helps to dissolve the grease), and then toothpaste and detergent in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1 mixed, smear it on the surface of the grease, wait a few minutes, during repeated rubbing.Oil stains are easily removed.
  2. Gasoline cleaning.Because the oil is not easy to dissolve in water, it is not easy to clean, and gasoline is organic matter, can be dissolved with the oil, it is easy to remove the oil from the clothes.And gasoline is volatile,do not worry about residue on the Canada Goose down jacket.How to use; first dip a little gasoline in the Canada Goose down jacket grease repeatedly wipe, and then use detergent for cleaning.Finally rinse with water.Oil pollution removal.
  3. The method of soaking in salt water.Brine also has a certain ability to remove oil.How to use.Soak the Canada Goose down jacket in warm salt water, stay for a period of time and then scrub with soap a few times, you can easily remove the oil on the Canada Goose down jacket.The disadvantage of this method is to soak with salt water for a long time, soak time is short, the effect is not very good.
  4. Special cleaning agent.If it is to use a special oil cleaning agent, although the decontamination effect is very good, but we must pay attention to whether there is damage to the clothes.Try to use Canada Goose down jacket special cleaning agent for cleaning.

Although there are many ways to clean off grease and stains Canada Goose down jacket.But wear Canada Goose down jacket should also pay attention to, as little as possible soiled, Canada Goose down jacket cleaning more times is not warm.If there are local stains, oil stains, other places are still clean, try to clean locally.Cleaning methods should also be cleaned according to the recommendations above the Canada Goose down jacket.Avoid damage to the Canada Goose down jacket.

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