How did the “Canada Goose Outlet” hit the market for down jackets with an average price of 10,000 USD?

You may notice that at the winter subway station, on the road, look up, and one or two canada goose outlet store nyc and the light of national goods bosden are now in front of you.

It’s the time to wear down clothes. How cold is this winter? Last Wednesday, Beijing had its lowest temperature in 54 years, reaching -19.6 ℃. Hainan issued a cold three-level warning yesterday, and residents said it was the coldest year in 14 years.

The extreme cold weather makes the importance of down clothing come out again.

According to data released by Taobao, the average turnover thickness of down jacket increased by 28 grams last week, while the number of down clothes ordered by guanghaikou netizens increased by 306% in a week on month basis.

The average price of 10000 yuan “canada goose outlet store out of stock” was hot searched on Weibo yesterday. News shows that consumers have been queuing for 1 to 3 hours for a month at the gate of the flagship store of Canada goose in USA.

Some netizens involved in the topic have Versailles, “buying in advance is the right choice, it’s warm.” Some open sarcasm, “this winter, face-on-face is not north or goose.”. Of course, there are people who are not sure about the truth, “and think Canadians love eating geese.”

In cold weather, down clothes sell well in the mood. But the popularity of 3000 down and 10000 yuan of inexpensive down clothes is a puzzle for some people.

In fact, in addition to canada goose outlet store in chicago, bosden, which is undergoing high-end transformation in China, has also performed well this year. According to its financial data, the business income of down clothing is 2.989 billion yuan, an increase of 18% year-on-year; Net profit was 490million yuan, up 41.8% year on year; Gross margin was 47.8 percent, up 4.3 percentage points.

As a seasonal single product to watch the day to eat, down clothing has been wandering outside the fashion trend since its birth, and it has no great relationship with luxury goods. Until the brands such as monocler and canadian goose pull it into the circle, push it to the public, and become a kind of classic single product with value protection function.

The question is, is high-end and luxury the only answer to the seasonal exit of down jacket?

Winter is coming, and the goose with an average price of 10000 yuan is on fire

So many brands of cheap canada goose outlet down jacket, why did canadian goose sell out of goods, and also on hot search?

“It is because it is really cold. is canada goose outlet authentic is conceptually able to withstand the cold, and people know it is more warm. “

Tmall outdoor sports industry two told “e-commerce online”, not only offline long line, online geese also face a shortage of goods, demand rose 50-60% from last year.

Industry analysts, this matches the trend of the whole down clothing this year, “this year, velvet is more popular than duck down because it is more fluffy, soft and warm. cheap canada goose is the first brand to educate consumers, and therefore it is out of stock. “

A single down garment starts at 6000 yuan. Compared with most down clothing brands, it is at a higher price.

As the saying goes, “one cent a cent a cent goods”, the reason why can sell so expensive, professional is certainly good.

canada goose sale, founded in 1957, was the creator of fur adorned down clothing hats in addition to velvet, which they explained that the fur of these hyenas can disrupt the air flow and protect the face of people in extremely cold places from frostbite.

They also developed a thermal index, which has a total of five levels, each representing different cold resistance, and the higher the resistance to cold. cheap canada goose claims that their down jacket can even withstand the coldness of 30 degrees below zero.

Add the stunt of “100% made in Canada”, from design, material selection, cutting to processing, all of which are completed manually.

All kinds of operations, the brand and professional, function binding. It attracted explorers and polar science teams, and became a must-have for Hollywood stars to make plays. They have appeared in 007 and x-men-2.

The American drama “the game of power”, the drama of the winter city and the great wall of the Jedi are all in the cold places. The actors wearing cheap canada goose are also invisible to become a member of grass planting.

The cold – resistant professionalism and star’s same delivery, cheap canada goose is known as “LV in down clothing.”.

In 2017, cheap canada goose went public, with a price to earnings ratio much higher than the down clothing luxury brand monocler and this year’s fire of lululemon.

Global extreme weather is a guarantee of canada goose outlet store california growth and the basis for the market to pay for it. In the report of fy18, there are data showing that the penetration rate of cheap canada goose in Japan and South Korea is very high, and that in the Greater China area was only 1.4%, with unlimited potential.

Goose moves very quickly. In May 2018, the strategy of Greater China was proposed. Tmall was settled in mid September, and boutique stores were opened in IFC in Hong Kong in October, and then flagship stores were successively opened in Beijing and Shanghai. Up to now, cheap canada goose has about 16 stores in China, and its official flagship tmall store has 1.77 million fans.

Growth of high end down clothing market

It is a long-term process to accept a down jacket price close to 10000 yuan.

The first promoter of luxury down clothing is actually another brand, monocler.

Moncler was founded in 1952, a few years before the founding of cheap canada goose. The founder is two ski brand manufacturers and a ski enthusiast who initially made outdoor products such as tents and sleeping bags, and later became famous for their ski down jacket.

At that time, outdoor sports were the game of the rich. The audience of monocler had been delineated. By the 1980s, Japanese students in the period of wealth explosion and Italian fashion people became fans of the brand.

By 1999, moncler officially entered the fashion circle through fashion shows. After that, the luxury creative director was invited to launch high-end product lines and frequently appeared in Paris and Milan fashion week. After more than ten years of efforts, moncler became a member of luxury brands, while down garments were their unique mark. In tmall luxury channel, the price of monoclear down jacket is more than 10000.

Benefited from the consumer perception of monocler, cheap canada goose, which originally provided down clothes for polar workers, began to enter the public with the help of stars and social media.

But without the market played by monocler, Canada goose has a key turning point from professional clothing to high-end brand.

Like monocler, canada goose outlet store location was initially an outdoor brand, founded by Sam tick. In the 1990s, the founder’s son-in-law bought the brand from his father-in-law, renamed Canada goose, the canadian goose we know well.

After more than a decade, Daniel Reiss, son of her son-in-law, has set a few directions with genius:

  1. Only Canada goose is used as a brand for foreign countries;
  2. Develop women’s clothing line;
  3. Adhere to “made in Canada”.

Canadian manufacturing is a quality label, and the development of women’s clothing is the premise of being accepted by fashion. In this way, cheap canada goose began to burst out of the circle by brushing their faces frequently in the film and television circles and social media.

Recently, a “down jacket despise chain” ranking fire, Canada goose, Archaeopteryx, North in the second layer of the chain of contempt, and the three despise each other.

Perhaps with market education of monocler and cheap canada goose, Chinese local brand bosden also saw the hope of high-end down clothing.

In 2018, posden, a national product, came out of the lessons of category expansion, learning from the fashion and high-end of monocler, and learning from the professionalism of cheap canada goose, and began to focus on the exploration of down jacket.

However, bosden stepped a little bit at first, and the highest price of down jacket of the “Dengfeng” series was more than RMB 10000, and the whole series was above 5000 yuan, which led to a rebound in the market.

But overall, the growth of the market for high-end down clothing is a game of making cakes bigger. With the high-end strategy in 2018, the average price of bosden down clothing products has increased from 7800 to over 1000 yuan.

According to the financial report of 2019-2020, the transaction amount of products with hanging price of more than 1800 yuan of bosden has been increased from 14% to 20%.

At present, among the official flagship stores of posden tmall, the highest selling down clothing has a hand price of more than 4000 yuan. The same designer series of Yang power and Chen Weiting are all 3000-4000 yuan.

Although there is still a gap between the price of Canada goose and monocler luxury goods, because the first two are too high, bosden has become another price-effective choice for domestic consumers to buy high-end down clothing.

“As long as there is improvement in style, this category of brands will be the most powerful competitors in Down garments because of their professional materials, wind and water resistance,” the down clothing industry told e-commerce online. This winter, the growth rate of outdoor clothing is 40% higher and lower than that of the previous year

That makes sense. After all, the top brands of down jacket, moncler and canadian goose, are all from the outdoors. The north of the fashion route and the old brand transition player of bosden have become another rising branch.

Can we cross the season?

For down clothing brands, it is basically a year to wait for a quarter of the boom. But the moncler and cheap canada goose can somehow get rid of this attribute.

“Their brand, daily sales are only relatively flat, but someone will buy it. Because for consumers, buying their products doesn’t matter if they wear them at this time. “

Luxury, high-end is the secret of the down clothing across the season?

In this regard, the bifurcation point of moncler and canadian goose is that the former constantly strengthens the luxury attributes by highlighting the uniqueness and rarity of down garments through the limited amount of designers, while the latter makes classic minds through several popular styles.

For example, the genius project launched by moncler is essentially a way to keep fresh from various ideas of different designers. Even if it is sold in the reverse quarter, consumers will be willing to pay for it. Therefore, the active period of down brand is beyond the season itself.

Besides the sales of these products, the way it crosses the season is still the old way to expand the category.

In November, 2018, cheap canada goose acquired Baffin, an outdoor shoe company, to enter the shoe business. In july2020, the company announced that Adam meek, a former Nike executive, was hired as the general manager of footwear and accessories products.

At present, cheap canada goose has also increased sales of rain gear and light jacket, and sales of sweaters, waist bags and other products in tmall flagship store. According to its financial report, Canada geese, including sweaters, contributed a third of the group’s income to the non overcoat category.

But overall, the span cycle of cheap canada goose is still not stable. Google trend charts show that cheap canada goose discuss more in winter than monocler, but lower than each other in other seasons.

After posden has shifted from the expansion of “multi-brand, four seasons and internationalization” to focus, the way he is going is closer to monocler – through the designer series, inviting the luxury star lineup to endorse, frequently entering fashion week and so on.

But at present, the difference between Bosideng and Moncler is far away. Product design is the fundamental reason make complaints about “soil flavor” still the most important point.

In addition, brand tonality is difficult to refresh for a while due to long-term impression. Neither the fashion of monocler nor the specialty of canadian goose has reached the extreme.

This year, posden, in combination with the Antarctic scientific research team, launched a new cold resistant product, trying to play a professional cognition, but compared with the canadian goose grass planting, this way still seems deliberate, and polar marketing has long been not the exclusive duvet clothing, including the cat, the warm underwear has long been used in this way.

Fashion media ladymax commented, “only strong enough personality labels can the effects of weather factors be controlled in the long term.” These bosden are obviously not yet.

But the event of leaping through the cycle is not only about the efforts of the brand itself, but also the consumption level of the whole era and the definition of fashion circle on the trend, all affect the fate of the single down clothing.

After all, for Chinese consumers, before 2018, more than 10000 yuan of down jacket was not in the range of options, and earlier, wearing down itself meant not to be fashionable.

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