What is so good about Cheap Canada Goose Outlet down jacket?

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Canada Goose, which once created a performance of tens of millions a night on a cross-border e-commerce platform, is known as the down jacket brand that is known as the warmest and coldest artifact on the surface. It advertises that every jacket it produces is based on the standard that can withstand the polar climate. The asking price broke 10,000 yuan, everyone still rushed to buy it!

Canada Goose is known as the “king of down jackets.” Most styles of Canada Goose Canada goose are 2-3000 yuan per piece, “Canada Goose” has long been synonymous with luxury down jacket brands. Since it is sought after by a large number of domestic and foreign celebrities, it has caused a sensation in China a few years ago, and it has always been a popular brand in the fashion industry. Today, I will focus on why Canada Goose is so expensive but still very popular, and I will share some recommendations for men and women that are worth paying attention to this season.

​In the past few years, when it comes to down jackets, most people can think of the Canadian goose with the round red and blue armbands—Canada Goose. From celebrities to passers-by, Canadian geese suddenly become the object of universal pursuit. The price of Canadian geese has also risen in recent years, from more than 600 US dollars all the way to more than 900 US dollars now, but the more they sell, the better.

Today we will analyze why the Canadian goose is expensive, and talk to you about whether it is worth buying.

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The most important thing to wear down jackets is to keep warm. Generally speaking, the quality of a down jacket is mainly determined by: down type, down content, down filling amount, bulkiness and fabric.

Down is the cornerstone of the warmth of down jackets. Usually two kinds of duck down and goose down are used, and the warmth of goose down is better than that of duck down. The same kind of down, white is slightly more expensive than gray, but the warmth retention effect is not much different. Simply put, goose down is better than duck down, and white is better than gray. Good down is not enough. How much real down is in a down jacket to keep warm? At this time, it depends on the velvet content. The fluff content appears as a percentage, which is similar to purity and represents the ratio of fluff content in the filling. Generally, a velvet content of 90% means that more than 90% of the filler is velvet. High down content is only a relative value, so how much down a piece of clothing has depends on the amount of down filled. The amount of down filling is related to the length and size of the clothing, but if the amount of down filling is high, the bulkiness is not good, because the principle of keeping the down warm is to use the fluffy down to store a lot of air, and the air does not conduct heat, so it has the effect of heat preservation.

What is cheap Canada goose outlet jacket?


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