2021 how to choose canada goose down jacket purchase guide

As a necessary product in winter, cheap canada goose down clothing can be said that most people do not know which parameters and details to pay attention to when purchasing. Accidentally, they fell into the business marketing files, and spent a lot of money on buying down clothes with general warmth and various kinds of drill down. Moreover, many domestic brands like the parameters of fluffness of canada goose jacket outlet down clothes like vague description or even not, so they are warm.

This article will analyze cheap canada goose jackets down garments from five points, so you will never be confused. If you don’t want to see the introduction of down jacket, you can directly pull it to the back to see the recommended brand. You can click the card to enter the official flagship store to see different styles.

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About canada goose down clothes

Down clothing development history

What is canada goose down jacket

Feather type

How to understand the cashmere content and filling amount

Down jacket structure

canada goose outlet Down garment fabric type

Down jacket maintenance knowledge

How to distinguish the difference of down clothes in the South and North

Down clothing purchase guide and hot selling style recommendation

Write in front (why write down clothing recommendation)

In recent years, I also bought more than ten down clothes, 2300 entry-level ones, 12000 for business trips to northeast and northwest cities, and those who wear outdoor games mainly outdoors, basically have high and low-level clothes and have stepped on some pits. It took two or three years to know how to buy a suitable down jacket. Now, we can even say that we know more about the industry than most people know.

Because I have experienced various tangles in the selection of down clothes and don’t know how to make decisions, I can share some experience on the selection of down-down clothes to you, hoping to help you to choose a reliable down-down suit. Of course, if you are lazy to see the parameters and purchase details of down jacket, you can also directly pull to the last part of the list of recommended items.

This paper reviews the down jacket of various brands based on personal experience, official data and consumer evaluation, and hopes to help you build a more comprehensive understanding of down jacket.

About canada goose outlet online down clothes

  1. Down clothing development history

Down clothing has a long history. As early as the Zhou Dynasty in China, people have made feather of birds and animals into feather clothes, which is known as prying clothes.

But after centuries of long evolution, the time when down clothing really began to be popular was in the early 1980s. In that time, due to the low quality and processing level of fabric, monotonous style and bloated appearance, there is another name for down jacket.

With the progress of technology and technology, down clothing has become fashionable, leisure, athletic and personalized, and become a must-have for people in winter.

  1. What is canada goose black friday down jacket?

Down clothing is usually made up of fabric, lining, gall and filler (down feathers), a mixture of small down and down (also known as down). The former is called feather and the latter is down, and the feather of duck and goose is used. After washing, small feather and down are separated as flocs of down clothing.

In short, feather and down are mixed in, and down.

  1. Feather type used in canada goose sale down clothing (white down is preferred):

White / grey goose, white / grey duck, goose duck mixed velvet, flying silk

Quality ranking: Velvet > duck down > blended velvet > flying silk

  1. What is the canada goose parka down content and filling capacity of down clothing?

(1) canada goose clearance Down clothing

The down content of down clothing refers to the percentage of down and down silk in feather down. The higher the cashmere content, the better the quality is, the more loose the clothes are, the more warm the clothes are. According to the national regulations, the national standard for down content of down clothing shall not be less than 50%, while the down content of down clothing purchased by you on e-commerce platform is almost 50%.

Because in the market, most of the down clothing products generally contain more than 80% of the down, while some famous brands are over 90%, and 100% of the down clothing is almost none.

(2) uk canada goose Down clothing filling

We should pay attention to the distinction between “two Plush” and the cashmere content is not the filling amount.

The filling quantity refers to the down weight of a down garment, expressed in grams. The filling quantity is an important index to measure the quality of the down jacket. The quantity of filling down is small and the thermal insulation is poor. The corresponding filling quantity of different sizes is also different. According to the national standard, the allowable deviation of the filling amount is -5%.

The filling in a down garment is not only down, but also some other substances may be mixed. We should know that the filling amount is the total weight of the filling material in the down jacket, and the cashmere content refers to the proportion of the real down in the filling amount.

  1. canada goose outlet Down jacket structure

Two, three, four

  1. canada goose outlet store Down garment fabric type

(1) Waterproof type coat (covered with film) down jacket

It has the waterproof and moisture permeability, and is generally used in the professional down clothes of high mountains.

(2) High density waterproof fabric down suit

The light and soft degree of the fabric is the highest in all down clothing fabrics, and it has the wind proof, water splashing and air permeability. These are the broadest fabrics used in Down garments and down sleeping bags.

(3) General woven fabric and suede proof down clothing

Nylon or polyester with low density is generally used, and the anti flannelette cloth affects the softness of down clothing.

(4) Suede with bright finish

Lacquer skin is in leather or PU leather and other materials, its characteristics are bright color, soft, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deformation, easy to clean and care. Down jacket maintenance knowledge

You know, the down jacket cleaning method is not right at that time, it may cause explosion!

  1. Avoid using down clothes when cooking. Local high temperature may make down clothes burst.
  2. How to clean down clothes

When cleaning down clothes, please read the product manual. During cleaning, soak it for a short time. The soaking time should not exceed 30 minutes. The cuff of the neckline should be washed gently. The water should not be squeezed out and not screwed dry. The product should be washed neutral and not dried.

Hand washing can also extend the service life. If you think it is difficult to wash by hand, there are already brands in the market with washing down clothes with the washing down procedures, which can be used to care for your down clothes.

It is important to note that some clothing labels clearly have the words “not dry cleaning” and other words. When cleaning down clothes, you should read the clothing label carefully. In addition, it is not recommended that down clothing be washed frequently, which will destroy its inner structure, resulting in a weakening of the space fluffy, thus affecting the warmth.

How to distinguish the difference of canada goose outlet new york city down clothes in the South and North

The Huaihe River line in Qinling Mountains, in addition to the boundary of the South and North, has a mysterious identity of heating boundary. Of course, there are also geographical location factors in it. The south latitude is low and the temperature is much higher than that of the north, that is, there is no snow and no minus several degrees, which leads to the south people not particularly high cold resistance to down clothing.

Under certain conditions of “filling down”, the “filling quantity” of the south people’s general adult down clothing should reach more than 100 grams, while in the north, it is more than 200 grams, so that the down jacket can keep warm. Many brands of down garments can reach 90% of the “cashmere content”. But “filling” is far less than 100 grams.

The fluffiness of canada goose outlet sale down clothing is a very important index

The fluffness of down clothing can be seen as the same weight down. How large the size can be evenly filled. A simple and small method can be used to test the fluffness of the down clothing. You can press down clothes with both hands to see if it can rebound quickly. If it recovers quickly, it is proved that the air is fixed more, that is, the more warm it is, on the contrary, it is general.

Check the fluffness, generally well-known brands will be marked out, if not, can consult customer service.

Remember to pay attention to the two “plush” when buying.

canada goose outlet online Down clothing purchase guide and hot sale down clothing recommendation

When buying down clothes, do not feel that the thicker the down clothes, the more warm they are, because the thickness is not the key, the warmth keeping of the down clothes is not determined by the thickness of the style.

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